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Here is my quick Summary:

  1. Asia-Pacific Markets Surge, but Top 12 HNWI Market Rankings Remain Unchanged – Ultra-HNWI Fortunes Reverse Course, Leading Global Growth in 2012 – Asia-Pacific Expected to Lead Robust Global HNWI Wealth Growth
  2. Strong Market Performance Leads to Substantial Growth in HNWI Wealth – Global Economy Slowed, but Avoided Major Catastrophe – Policymaker Interventions Tempered Uncertainty – Key Asset Classes Outperformed As Investor Confidence Picked Up – Growth Expected to Gain Momentum As Optimism Takes Hold
  3. HNWI Confidence in Future Wealth Generation Aided by Increased Trust in Firms and Wealth Managers, but Dampened by Lower Trust in Markets, Regulators – HNWI Asset Allocation Reflects Conservative Approach – Art Market Continues Recovery with Strong Growth in Emerging Markets – HNWI Traits Highlight New Opportunities for Wealth Firms.
  4. Regulatory Complexity Is Transforming Firm and Client Dynamics in the Wealth Management Industry – Daunting Scope of Regulatory Change Is Largest Industry Challenge – Regulatory Impact Far-Reaching, Creating Challenges for Both Firms and Clients – Regulatory Complexity Driving Significant Shifts in Wealth Management Landscape – Regulations Driving Firms to Re-Assess Key Strategies
  5. Latin America, which had the highest growth rate in 2011, decelerated in 2012, posting growth of only 4.4%, largely due to a slowdown in GDP growth and contraction in the Brazilian and Argentinean equity markets.
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