Erskine and Erskine

Erskine & Erskine Has Provided Family, Business, Tax & Estate Law Services Including Probate Law Since 1876

Since 1876, Erskine & Erskine has helped families and heirs achieve peace-of-mind with respect to their financial future and personal legacies using a custom, holistic approach to estate planning and trust management that is both empathetic and practical. Legal services range from probate attorney services to providing specialized succession planning and family office services to owners of unique assets such as businesses, Americana, ephemera, coin and fine art collections, as well as commercial and residential real estate.

Erskine & Erskine understands value and provides legal and fiduciary services to protect and preserve the values that matter most to you. Our approach to problem solving is personalized, innovative, and hands-on. Using this approach, we are able to understand the necessary human dynamic to recognize and appreciate the color and substance of complex family issues.

Matthew F. Erskine, Attorney

Photo of Matthew Erskine who is a Probate Attorney

Suffolk University – JD (1987)
Carleton College – BA (1982)
Lawrence Academy (1978)

The fourth generation of lawyers known for integrity and personal service, Matthew concentrates on providing legal and fiduciary services for families with limited assets such as real estate or a business to families that own of unique assets.

Handling as many as seven generations of a single family in succession, these unique assets have included multi-million dollar family businesses, numismatic collections, fine art and Americana collections, commercial and residential real estate holdings and family compounds.

Unlike most trust and estate attorneys and other wealth management advisors, Matt’s focus is ensuring financial security while preserving the ownership of a unique—but often illiquid—asset for the client and the family. If your family needs legal services for a small estate that requires a probate attorney to planning for a complex estate with unique assets, contact Erskine & Erskine.

Matt’s family moved to Worcester County in 1645, and has been practicing law in Worcester since 1876.

Areas of Expertise

  • Complex interstate and international financial, tax and estate planning, and trust administration
  • Financial, operational, and corporate planning (including private equity and mergers & acquisitions) for family-owned businesses
  • Planning for and managing collections of fine art, numismatics, Americana, and other tangible collectibles for collectors, dealers, and artists
  • Integrating diverse, independent professionals—from accountants to money managers to insurance agents—for a unified planning process
  • Funding and managing multi-million dollar private family foundations

Core Values

Modern Planning

Being current means a lot more than knowing the tax code. In being adaptable to the times, the professionals at Erskin & Erskine can offer more dedicated support, resulting in more effective planning.

Forward Thinking

While no plan can truly be future-proof, the estate and trust experience of Erskin & Erskine can help you better mitigate risk, allowing you the peace of mind that you’re future is well-managed.

Solving Problems

No estate plan is flawless, but with personal interaction, Erskin & Erskine can tailor plans that suit you as an individual, making for the best planning possible.

Customer Support

This company was founded on the principle of customer first. In keeping with the more than century-old practice, Matt and his team work with clients on a personal level to design the plan best able to realize the future they envision.

Questions to Ask Before Writing a Living Will

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Why I, as Estate Planning Attorney, am Worth Every Cent

Estate plans combine three elements: learning from the past, adapting to the present and anticipating the future. The document generators codify learning from the past through their processes and procedures. A Power of Attorney Holder or a Personal Representative adapts to the present. Only planning, with the help of a professional advisor, anticipates the future.

The PATH Act of 2015

On December 18, 2015 President Obama signed the “2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act” that not only funded the government in 2016, but also made a large number of extensions, delays, and changes to a wide array of individual and business tax provisions....
William T. Forbes

William T. Forbes


Born in 1850, William T. Forbes studied at Amherst College, where he would show aptitude for legal affairs. Upon his return to Worcester, Forbes studied law and opened what is now the Erskine Company. His savvy for legal affairs led him to be appointed as Judge of Court of Probate in Worcester, where he would work for 36 years.


Linwood Erskine

Linwood Erskine

2nd Generation

The son in law of William Forbes, Linwood Erskine continued William’s legacy in law. Graduating Harvard Law in 1910, Linwood was hired by William Forbes after have been acquainted with William through Forbe’s work as probate judge. Linwood also was the president of the Worcester Historical Museum, a commitment continued by Matthew today.

Linwood Erskine Jr.

Linwood Erskine Jr.

3rd Generation

Following his father’s footsteps, Linwood Erskine Jr. studied law. In joining with the Erskine Company after becoming an attorney, Linwood worked with his father to manage estate plans that dated back to William Forbes. Linwood was a force in growing the Erskine Company to its strength today, passing his attention to detail and talent on to his son Matthew, who operates the company to this day.

Matthew F. Erskine

Matthew F. Erskine

4th Generation

Continuing the legacy of the Erskine name in law, Matthew is the current owner and operator of the Erskine Company. A graduate of Suffolk Law School, Matthew is both well versed in the nuances of traditional succession law as well as the complex nature of unique assets and collectibles. Matthew runs the Erskine Company with the same principles as those who came before him.