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Estate Planning is a fundamental aspect of owning wealth. Without a comprehensive and exacting plan for the future, you run the risk of passing on a burden – rather than a legacy – to your loved ones. An effective estate plan developed by an estate planning attorney is, however, more than the simple assurance of coverage; it can serve as a road map to a more cohesive investment plan, a plan that keeps your present goals in mind while remaining ever-mindful of the uncertainty the future brings.

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Erskine & Erskine emphasizes its personal approach to estate planning. Rather than focusing on formulaic approaches that can be found anywhere, we stress a relationship that more adequately accounts for your individual nature, creating an estate plan that will supply the peace of mind you’re looking for; one that best serves your vision for the future.

Offering effective estate planning techniques like split dollar planning, trusts, and annuity maximizers, Erskin & Erskine is more than capable of handling your unique estate plan.

What Could I Be Missing From My Estate Plan?

Oversights commonly found in estate plans include a failure to integrate business estate with personal estate plans, failure to adequately assess assets of a non-traditional nature, and a failure to account for your desired level of ongoing control over your assets. All of these shortcomings typically result from a formulaic approach that does not adequately cover you as a unique individual.

At Erskine & Erskine, we pride ourselves in fixing and developing estate plans that provide peace of mind, allowing you to be assured that you’re covered. We work with you to make sure that your goals are an aspect of your estate plan, making your plan more than your assets, and integrating it to make sure that it doesn’t interrupt your life as it happens.

An Estate Planning Attorney Does More than Keeping You Afloat

Our estate plans offer more than a life raft in the event of disaster. We keep your needs in mind while also making sure you have the freedom to pursue life’s best options.

Charting a Course for Success

We can offer you a roadmap that will lead you to your own treasures, all with the assurance that you’re covered in an uncertain future.

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