I try to keep my blog posts focused and not use them as a soap box for my personal causes, but this is an exception.  A fire this week at Heritage University, located in Washington in Yakima Valley , has destroyed a key building, including the arts classrooms and two prominent collections, at an estimated financial loss of $2.8 million and untold cultural loss of the artwork.  Click here to read a recent Huffington Post article on the loss.

Heritage University was founded in 1982 to serve the Native American and Latino population in a region that has been underserved in some aspects of higher education.  I have a personal connection because my wife Carolyn and I are friends with John and Kay Basset, and John is the current President of Heritage University, a post he took after his retirement as President of Clark University here in Worcester, MA.

I am confident that John can provide the leadership and expertise to handle the financial and emotional crisis that this loss represents, but what I would like to ask is that you consider helping to replace the tangible artwork and other teaching tools that the loss of the collections represents.  Students, I feel, learn by example as well as by studying and doing.  Having as wide an array of examples of the genres of art as possible is a vital to the learning experience.  By making a donation of art that is suitable for teaching, whether outright or on loan, you make a gift not only of financial worth, but of social and cultural value also.

Making a donation of art to charity can be complex, but I can help you simplify the process; so if you would like my help making the donation, please feel free to get in touch: (508) 753-7100.

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