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Solutions for the Next Generation

One of the pressing issues most families face is being able to afford to send their children and grandchildren to college and university. The ever growing cost of college makes it a substantial hurdle regardless budget, but with effective planning and organization you can be able to fund college for your loved ones. At Erskine & Erskine we can provide you a road map for your future, planning for life’s unexpected turns while also accounted for the barriers you can expect to meet.

With solutions that are both modern and proven, like privated operating foundations, donor advised funds, and other succession planning tools, Erskine & Erskiney can not only make a plan for your life, but also help you better be able to fund college for your children and their children. These tools not only improve your quality of life but also give you the peace of mind that your kids are well provided for and are ready to join the working world with a university degree that you can afford.

How will planning to fund college affect my short term goals?

With most strategies used in estate planning it would be expected that such a large expenditure like college would derail any plans for the short term. But with situational planning that keeps your plans in mind, Erskine & Erskine can utilize tools that keep you in control of your wealth, allowing you to pursue your short term knowing  you’re covered for the future.

Estate plans should bring you comfort and confidence, not the opposite. If you’re worried about being able to provide for the future, or even if you just want solutions that fit your life rather than guidelines and formulas Erskine & Erskine is just what you’re looking for. We offer solutions that empower you, rather than leaving you out of the equation.

A Myriad of Solutions

Because of our experience in dealing with a variety of different situations, Erskine & Erskine has the ability to draw on a number of solutions to fit your needs.

Myriad of Possibilities

With solutions to fit your needs, Erskine & Erskine can offer your children the freedom to pursue their goals all while giving you the security to chase yours.

fund college


Paying for College


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