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 Providing Care for You and for Others

Where most firms would be focused on the financial aspect of providing care, Erskine & Erskine focuses on what it is you’re seeking to achieve. In forming this foundation, we hope to make sure that care is provided without compromising your goals. These plans are comprehensive, but simple enough to be described in a way that everyone in the family can both understand the plan and their role in the plan. These plans are also designed to deal with projections for 10 or more years, in order to able to deal with unknown issues and opportunities that will arise during the course of the planning.

This seems like an impossible task, but the way that we have handled clients and our own family’s assets for now over 10 generations indicates that it is anything but impossible. Providing this support is essential to the relationship based focus that Erskine & Erskine prides itself on, and will continue to provide.

How can I secure my future care?

Thinking for the future can often be a difficult exercise, as many can’t see the troubles and difficulties that may lie ahead. Being able to account for the changing tides, is a pursuit at the heart of our approach. Utilizing tools like Charitable Remainder Trusts, Management Trusts, and Long Term Care Insurance we can provide a plan that works for your needs.

While most offices can offer this, the Erskine way is to acknowledge your personal needs and desires, forming a plan to secure your future care while keeping your current goals in mind.

Time Tested

With 130 years of experience in the Estate and Succession fields, Erskine & Erskine has an approach that has withstood the test of time. Well versed in the various intricacies of asset and tax law, we can offer you an approach that will work to fill your needs and ambitions making for a satisfying and effective relationship.

Tested for Time

Our plans, but around an approach called “Scenario Planning”, are designed to handle whatever the future brings. This unique style also ensures that if your needs change, your plan is adaptable.

providing care

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