Leaving an Impact

At Erskine & Erskine, the emphasis on relationships and personal contact allows for the crafting of tailored plans that best fit the client’s specific wants and needs. If you’re looking for an estate plan that is perfect for you, then Erskine & Erskine is for you. Just look at how our previous clients feel about our planning and estate experience.

Dear Matthew,

Thank you so very much for all you are and have done for my father. So often you were able to bring in the best resource based on your experience.  You were also able to make sensible decisions in my absence which was a terrific help for family sanity.

My father relied on you and your father with complete trust over many years.

So thank you for going way beyond normal standards in helping Walter at the end of his life. This comes from my brother and the rest of the family as well as Stephen and me.

Warmest regards,
Patricia [Maxson] March 11, 2012

Dear Matthew,

In our twenty years or more as legal clients of Matthew F. Erskine, we have always found him to be competent, thoughtful, resourceful, and pleasant to deal with.  His recommendations have been based on solid expertise, especially helpful to us in the realm of collections of valuable art objects for which there can be no set valuation. Matthew has been unfailingly good-natured and patient with us, even when we probably would have tried a lesser man’s patience. We intend to continue as his clients, and we highly recommend his services.

Edmund M. Frederick
Patricia H. Frederick
July 13, 2012