Building a Legacy: Trusts and Estates, Trustee Services

Building a Legacy

Trustee services play a fundamental role in your estate plan, particularly those that wish to be implemented perpetually. In formulating an estate or succession plan with trusts at the core of the plan, the primary effect is to create a succession plan with longevity. With this focus, Erskine & Erksine can provide solutions to care for not only your children and immediate family, but also for the next generation.

Trusts are not merely for planning longer lasting estates however. They can aid with philanthropic ventures and other community involvement. Utilizing tools like revocable living trusts, jurisdictional trusts, and flip charitable remainder trusts, Erskine & Erskine can provide services for and trust solutions you require.

What Advantages Does Utilizing Trusts and Trustee Services Afford Me?

Trusts and trustee services offer an effective way of minimizing risk and cost especially when considering the nuance and difficulty in planning for non traditional and illiquid assets. Using trusts, you can protect your assets, maximize your gift tax exemptions, and specify your beneficiaries to a greater degree. In short, trusts in their many forms can offer you a great deal of flexibility when planning your estate. This flexibility can be used to provide more than protection, as it can reinforce the freedom and control that estate plans from Erskine & Erskine offer you.

At Erskine & Erskine the focus on control and individualized approaches revolves around a philosophy centered on your experience. We can offer a solution that remains in tune with your daily life, meaning that you’re both protected and supported for whatever comes. Our trusts and trustee services play an integral part of this process, affording the core elements of our approach to your estate plan.

Hand Crafted

Our estate plans and trust services are meticulously crafted to fit your needs, serve your purposes, and eliminate your troubles in planning your estate.


With the meticulous approach to planning your estate, our plans are cornerstones in your planning for the future allowing you to rest a little easier.

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