Wealth Management

Providing for Now, and for Later.

Managing your assets can seem like a herculean task, especially considering the various intricacies in Estate and Succession law. But with the guidance and expertise the can only be offered by an experienced firm like Erskine & Erskine, wealth management can be made into a stress free process. With expertise in both common Estate practices like investments and real estate, as well as the convoluted nature of fine art and collectibles – Erskine & Erskine can offer a dedicated approach that keeps your pursuits in mind while crafting a plan to manage your wealth.

Our 138 years of experience have forged a proven way of doing things that isn’t wholly focused on wealth management, but can keep you in control of what you own, putting your goals first. Using proven strategies like Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, and Grantor Retained Income Trusts, Erskine & Erskine can provide a dedicated solution that works for you. A classic New England law firm, our company focuses on our connection with you and your family, formulating a plan that fits both your needs and your goals.

How can I best ensure the preservation of my wealth?

Today, as an owner of wealth, some of which is artwork, legacy real estate, and family controlled businesses, you are given no choice by your professional advisers when you ask the question “how do I preserve the value of my wealth?” you are advised that, to preserve wealth, you must have professional management of liquid assets. This answer proves, in practice, to be a grossly ineffective solution.

Rather, you should focus on what it is you’re looking to preserve. Many, when looking to preserve their wealth are looking to preserve the freedom to pursue their goals, or to provide for their family in the event of an unfortunate occurrence. If the focus is to merely protect the erosion of wealth, then total control can be sacrificed, but often this loss of control can derail future goals and plans, making difficult to adapt to the future.

Keeping your Objectives on the Table

By making sure that you have control over your assets, Erskine & Erskine can make it so that your objectives and goals remain a possibility.

Bringing New Options to the Table

While your wealth management has to be open to your needs, a well planned estate provide the peace of mind needed to explore new options knowing your wealth is safe.


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